Why Are You Doing it For Free?

I have several reasons for offering Pro Bono Consulting for you, including the following ones. Keep in mind that each of those categories I mentioned on the main Pro Bono Consulting page has anything to do with them.

I Want to Help You and Assess You

Yes, I really and sincerely want to help you, because whether you fit on the first or the second category, I've been in your shoes.

I'm Studying

Studying takes time, but it's in vain if we don't do anything for real world businesses. It adds value for myself, too.

I Want to Foster Entrepreneurship

As entrepreneur, I want to use my knowledge and experience as my (small) contribution to build a more entrepreneur world.

International Experience

I'm in Brazil and I can't just move somewhere to work abroad. This is a way, for me, to be in touch with a worldwide business reality.

Diffuse Management Science

I believe in the importance of the management science, and want to showcase it through my work.

International Networking/References

It's important for my future career and plans to have international references widespread. I'm seeking to establish partnerships worldwide.

Empower People

Management projects can often help to empower people, through helping them to succeed as entrepreneurs, managers, and/or professionals.

Personal Branding

Yes, it really helps me with my self branding, and I believe there's nothing wrong when I admit and be frank about that.

Are you Interested?

Have you liked my reasons? Do you think your project fits the appliable categories? Do you think my services will make the difference for your company?