Know the Program

Pro bono consulting for the growth of your business

My name is Bruno Moreira Guedes, I'm retired for studying since 2015, and I'm a business management student. I'm experienced in managing a company I've founded in 2008 and at first I've learned everything on-the-job, but in 2011 I felt the need for a deep studying. Now I'm in the last year of the Business Management, closer to undergraduate, and since I retired for studying, I have means and time to develop pro bono consulting.

I plan to develop, along 2017, consulting projects in management field for small and medium business, companies, 3rd sector and/or non-profit organizations, and startups. It's intended to supply technical management support for companies needs in two categories.

Innovation And/Or Risky Projects

Innovation and/or other kind of risky projects often represent potentially good opportunities. Frequently, such projects are uncertain and small/medium companies can't afford the risk of hiring consulting services, so they end-up losing excellent opportunities due to the lack of adequate management support. I can help you!

Micro/Small Entrepreneurs

Micro and Small entrepreneurs, when starting a new business, very often do strong personal sacrifices until the business starts to be profitable, which sometimes take years. Frequently, the lack of the right management support ends up making it even longer. Sometimes, it's also the cause of a business failure. Let me help you with your challenge!

My Offer

I offer Consulting in Management and its areas, like Finances, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Planning, etc. And, in addition to the consulting:

My Personal Experience and Critical Business View

After more than 8 years in management related functions, I've developed a critical view about what really works on business. Living the management in my own company, and also in trade associations where I have worked in leadership roles, provided me the opportunity to learn from my own and from the others' experience.

My Technical Business & Management Skills

Along 5 years studying Business Management, I have improved my management skills along the college time, and also learned new ones. My previous experiences provided me a critical learning, that combined with a high quality university program, provided me also new and important experiences in real world companies.

My Creativity, Ideas and Problem-Solving Abilities

I'm a born problem solver. Since I was a teenager, I used to come up with outside-the-box ideas to solve hard problems. I'm creative and tend, naturally, to find innovative and effective ways to handle hard or challenging situations. Besides, finding solutions is intimately related to everything I have worked with in my whole life.