Pro Bono Consulting

Pro bono consulting for the growth of your business

We live in a strategic world. Micromanaging is a waste of resources in a global scenario where the big picture imposes the pace of every business. Globalization and communication technologies are everywhere, people access information with a click of a mouse - or in a phone they carry in their pockets wherever they go.

Global competition drives everything today, because don't matter what your business is - there will be always someone, somewhere, offering what you offer or something new that makes what you offer no longer necessary.

Big picture management is what you need to survive in the savage of global competition. Read and understand the changing scenario, developing strategies to transform businesses models in response, and finally measuring and evaluating the strategies' results is what tells great business from average ones - size or assets no longer play a role on figuring this out.

How can Consulting Help you in Such Context?

Are you and your company ready to this new business world? I'll help you to figure this out. Check out what consulting can offer and do for you!

Company and Environment Diagnostic

Big picture management requires big picture diagnosis. Very often we managers think we know what's going on - both in our companies and outside. But in-shoes point-of-view is always biased, and maybe we just see the top of the iceberg until we crash.

Management Knowledge and Know How

Entrepreneurs are the best specialists in doing what their companies do. Hiring a good consultant is a way they have to keep doing their bests, while ensuring a well managed business and a healthy organization with competitive advantages that drive to results.

Healthcare for your Business

As an athlete, companies are focused. When we face great challenges we often drive all our attention on them, and might forget what's around. As an athlete, companies need 'doctors' for a checkup to ensure we can keep running. Hiring a consultant is the best way.

Develop and Implement Strategies

No one is better than you and your team to decide what strategies to follow and what to offer to the market and seek in the business. Knowing that, a good consultant's relies on building a collaborative environment for extracting the best paths from everyone, and structuring a critical evaluation process.

Management as a Science

The management as an art is for you. You know your business and can figure out creative and innovative ways to deal with your specific challenges. But the management as a science can hold your back by providing tested and proven methods and approaches for your company.

Knowing the Best Approaches

When doing something new for your company, you have two options. The first is struggle to learn with the mistakes, and it's expensive. The second is hire a consultant who knows the best approaches to fit the project, who studied and/or lived them, and have already struggled for you.

So, do you think you need and wish consulting services? Now the best thing about this offer: you won't be charged. Know the Program or Apply.