About Bruno Moreira-Guedes - Bio

My name is Bruno, I'm Brazilian, living in Chapeco, state of Santa Catarina. The man who sold newspapers to buy his first computer and, through this, became a business management professional. But not so fast…

I was born in the south of the Rio Grande do Sul state, where my mother - seamstress, did everything she could to give me access to a reasonable education. When I was a kid, we moved with my stepfather to the state of Santa Catarina when I was 9 years old, where I started what I like to call my first "professional" experience one year later: I saved 2BRL, brought some trinket, did a bijou, and sold it to one of my mother's customers; then, I started my own "business" in this area.

It was a total failure, and this is why I started selling newspapers to save money for my computer. And when I finally earned it, when 13 years old, I've been studying programming and computer maintenance by my own, what led me to start in my first formal job, two years later, working with maintenance in a computer store at day and attending to my high school at the night. Some failed trials to join one of the greatest universities and some job changes later, I started studying Information Systems at a small college, while working with network servers and system administration for a local company.

This is how I started working as programmer, and some customers missed me at my previous job, and asked me for a solution: a good performance firewall and web filter which even my grand mom could manage, and able to produce rich information. And this is why I became the founder of Beanweb and stopped studying. It was 2009 and Brazil's government was promoting startups by financial incentive, so I thought: let's write a project and apply to see what happens. And my project earned two prizes and a 170,000 BRL fundraising. At this time, I was counting on my cofounders to play the magic with the computers while I was managing the sales and the finances.

The business advanced and I started to get involved in the NTIC - a local consortium of IT companies, within the trade association, where I started to develop my enterprise networking and contribute to the industry's development, joining a regional association's border of directors (Deatec). In those organizations, between 2010 and 2014, I've coordinated, among other projects, the first draft of Chapeco city's innovation incentive law, the regional branch of GeracaoTEC, a state level government program which trained about 5000 young people for working the IT industry marketplace, various event organizations, etc.

In my whole professional life, I've worked with lots of different activities, what reflects my curious and polyvalent profile and my challenge driven personality. Additionally to the previously exposed, I've ministered lectures to young students, classes to IT professionals, etc. I've also felt a strong desire to continue my education, and this is why I finally started studying Business after being accepted in one of the 40 best universities of Brazil, in 2011. And in 2015, due to my study needs, I have stopped working at my company. After that, I started to have good grades at the University, and also got approved in Bank of Brazil's open tendering, in the 51th position in my state, so the bank intends to hire me in 2017.

Anyway, I'm taking advantage of my free time to develop myself, getting ready for the international workplace, where I aim to be someday, helping companies to be better every day. In my working time, of course, as in my free times I really appreciate to have an intense social life, with good friends and good beer.

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